This web property describes my belief among men and flock.
The following is how it might relate as men meet persons 
from other gardens who also might have aspired flight 
among the stars.

On Ark and Aliens from other planets.
This topic to understand among worlds.

+ An Alien planet might have many Arch +Governments. 
+ An Alien people might have many Ark +Religions.

+ An Alien people might believe in "gods."
+ An Alien people might also follow the safer natural road.
+ An Alien people might have achieved the minimum technical requirement to travel among stars. 
+ An Alien people might also practice a type of Science, Consider how long and how many men it takes to understand flight.
+ An Alien people might have many thousands of years of research invested in signaling protection for defensive detection in space. We work on expensive stealth technologies today.

+ Some of the technology for each of those craft seen in the sky might be unique like a people.

My belief across this is the natural perspectives of Alien peoples.

When reading about the alters, perhaps among these people such an understanding like this taught among men might be found;, but I am unsure of such things. I consider that to understand the alters, they look like little lights shining; like stars.


Observation Arch
Long Term challenges

SEE natural road 
Flag Model, Archa infrastructure reference
Contact Correlations (trend "ufo" annual sightings)

This is the early observation of TL container v1.3 and the first 13 contacts for a planetary civilization. Time light containers are used to further understand the observations between inhabited or uninhabited surfaces, and other time related metrics for topics like signaling distances and degradation, and other voluminous considerations.

1. The number of unique craft, tallied by sightings as approximately one possible other people per unique craft.
2. The consideration of earth being only one of the planets those other people have discovered.
3. The consideration of communications between them, and scientific pursuit to see a new garden found, or talked about among communications. How many people do each tell?
4. The consideration of sighting measured annually, and with differing variety of craft. Indicator of differing peoples with unique technology identifiers.
5. The consideration for a civilian protection, and military advancement. Different types of coast guards. 
6. The observation of these are just inhabited intelligence and some logical archs... 13 known logical Archs does not mention the gardens of animals and other flocks, or the nature channels on scope.
8. The consideration of this also along the lt road: the modes of travel and communication grow faster and more readily available with the distances between an advancing communicating people: also references along to the flag model and natural roads. 

The challenges along an identified natural path are the reasoning for such an observation.

What is a signal sphere and why is this important? This is the area of space growing always away from our star where our radio and television broadcast can be listened to or interpreted from some distance. Each year, this observation grows in area exponentially and so to do the military response and planning requirements as a result of. This observation is used to aid calculations for the first 13 and to determine possible scope observations, including metrics like contact or military probabilities for defensive measure. How many people know we are here, is what this metric aids in solving. The size of the universe suggest men will always observe the signal sphere growing, and such response required as a result. I trend this from 13 to 133 contacts and more.

Note: Use of the flag model, and design considerations, is to meet the demand of this natural road, naturally. "Required" because men chose to use airborne signaling. 

Is this progress on a natural road? Yes, for a long term observation with right management. I consider common technical capability among interstellar peoples to achieve such flight and to sail among the stars we each look to; Some technology, if it is environmentally correct, is needed to meet with such exploratory achievements. The right boat types must be discovered among each people, and each technology type appears unique in character for some purpose. 

Everyone on this "chess board" can hear our radio and watch our TV, and soon, read our data. Here is an other 133 Correlation. What does this suggest? Arca vulnerability from other hackers; and this among other challenges men will someday meet.

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